Advertising Trailers & Mobile Billboard LED Screen Advertising Trucks

Request A Free Quote For Advertising TrailersMobile LED screen advertising and Roadside advertising are one of the most effective ways to deliver your company message to hundreds of thousands of people each day. Whether promoting a product, store launch or corporate image,  Munster Advertising have the experience and expertise to ensure you reach your target audience, giving maximum impact for your message.

Each day, tens of thousands of motorists will pass, notice and read your advertisement. One single advert banner placed alongside one of the busy major roads in Ireland can average 4.5 million drive pasts per month!

Our Trailer, Your Staff

Have staff with spare time on their hands? Cut down on advertising cost by hiring one of our professional built advertising trailers, weather you want to tow your advert around town centres or just display on your own premises.

Munster Advertising offer multiple sizes of advertising trailers:

4ft high x 8ft wide
4ft wide x 8ft high
8ft wide x 8ft high
12ft wide x 8ft high

More sizes available on request, all signs erected and collected.

Mobile Billboard & LED Advertising Truck

We also have a new and improved mobile ad truck with 15ft x 8ft sign with public address (PA) system worked by MP3 format.

mobile billboardmobile ad truck

Banner Production

Munster Advertising can also supply all your PVC banners at trade prices.

Contact our office for further details on 087 1677655.

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