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Request A Free Event Promotion QuoteIf you are looking for a product sampling campaign or leaflet distribution in Ireland, Munster Advertising have all the distributional and promotional staff you will need.

We have been at the heart of the product sampling and leaflet distribution industry since 2001, providing professional, reliable and attractive promotional and distribution staff for some of the biggest events, brands and products.

All our agents are fully trained and experienced, so that we can maximise the effectiveness of your campaign without maximising your costs!

We cover all small and large events around Ireland so no matter where you are based we have all your advertising needs catered for. We know that you need the right type of person to ensure your product sampling campaign is effective or that your leaflets are all delivered to the right people at the right time, and not just handed out to people who will put them in the next bin they come across.

That’s why you can trust Munster Advertising to get the job done correctly; we’ve got years of experience and all the expertise required so that your campaign doesn’t suffer the common mistakes that can be made by inexperienced or unprofessional staff or agents.

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