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Request A Free Quotation For Poster DistributionCreating a unique and edgy event identity is one thing, ensuring it reaches your target audience is another. Munster Advertising poster distribution services are designed to ensure your event reaches full audience potential before it has even begun.

Taking pride in our thoroughly researched and targeted promotion structure, Munster Advertising and our staff create the contagious buzz your event deserves. Our poster marketing campaigns are mapped by our advertising consultants, matched to your events forte and carried out by our vibrant and area savvy team.

Covering the length and breadth of Ireland, our promotional staff become your event ambassadors as they elegantly and effectively spread the word on your event throughout the city’s hot spots.
We cater for:

Election Campaigns, Sports Events, Circus Events, Local Events, Musical Events and Roadside Posters to name a few, if you have a poster campaign that you would like to be placed in public areas then Munster Advertising is the company for you.

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